SHIT COCKS. My PC got formatted.

2007-10-10 14:36:02 by Cherban

UPDATE - all files have been recovered. Now I just need to find a way to know what my sound card is.


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2007-10-10 14:39:33

Go for a system restore. You can restore your computer to previous point in time. It works for my comp alot.

Cherban responds:

Tried that, but doesn't have any restore dates before today saved to it.


2007-10-10 15:15:49

Obvs he wont have a restore point because he reformatted his pc >_>

Only advice is try the google ;)


2007-10-10 16:03:08

looser!!try a forum or something not here only loosers here!!ok im joking hehe
u may try tuneup or uhm gett true image (google it)


2007-10-10 17:35:53

um... yeah... you're fucking screwed. You formatted your hard drive, remember??? when you format a hard drive, you clear everything. EVERYTHING. including any backup files. so, unless you had everything important saved on a separate hard drive (as a backup) then the only thing you can do is pray that it won't take you too long to redo those flash files.


2007-10-10 17:54:35

hi spuffled!